Friday, June 11, 2010

Ooops I did it again

Oh no I totally ignored my plan today and went to "what not to eat" why, because it's our annirvery and I can't spoil out dinner date trying to count calorie every meal. So tomorrow I made sure I'll so some sweating  pay back.We went to Outback Steakhouse and ordered appetizer  (blooming onions)because it was loaded  It was so good. This is what happen of not stickin strickly on your plan you have to pay for it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick Weight Loss

I am determine to shed some pounds off because I am tired of having a “yoyo diet” . This is how I used to do - I will lose it and gain it back! I am certainly aware of what to and not to eat and yet I prefer the what not to eat. I love sweets especially - chocolate. I don’t like rice much but I can consumed packs of candy. Despite of these bad consuming I burn them through exercising and yet I can’t tell the different it’s probably because I consumed more calories than burning them. I can exercise 45 to more than an hour exercise every weekend and 30 min exercise a day. I hardly drink soda because I don’t like it and I can drink 8 glasses of water everyday. Oh well now, I know I just got over control with sweets and carbs in take so I got to do something I better do it now than regrets later. So I decided to write down what I ate and the calories. I learned this calorie counter through King Calorie Counter, this site really works well if your are calorie conscious. It’s just about portioning and control. Just like today at work my co-worker gave me a crème filled doughnut but I only ate two pinches of it and have my son finish it since he never had a crème filled doughnut. I tried to cut my white carbohydrates in take since this is one of my obsessions. This is one thing I need to work on but over all in a day I consumed 1400 calories and made sure I ate 2 to 3 kinds of fruits and have a sensible meal once a day normally at night when I get home from work nor school. However I am open to any means just like trying replacing 2 meals with Slim Fast shake for 190 calories and it really fills me up. But I do snack in between with fruits or nutty bar which has 100 calories. So far I lost three pounds for this week. I just need to keep reminding to myself to do portion and have a control and better do it now not later. I don’t depend of drinking shake but by teaching my appetite just right. Do you have any suggestions feel free to leave me a message.