Sunday, July 10, 2011

Couponers Watch Out!

Today I read from Birmingham News that there are a lot or fake coupons popping up more often these days. Fake coupons hurt the coupners and stores. It's stealing because the stores do not get reimbursed by the manufacturer for accepting the coupons.
These type of coupons are usually emailed PDF files. Not all PDF coupons are fake, but you need to verify the source before you print and redeem at your local store.
Check counterfeit notifications tab at This is an excellent resource to help you navigate Internet coupon fraud.

*Sometimes PDF coupons can be altered and duplicated with ease by people who know their way their way around Adobe. Inspect barcodes, expiration dates, company logos, etc.

*A coupon for free item with no expiration date is ridiculous. I've never seen a legitimate Internet coupon without an expiration date.

Protect yourself and the store by doing some homework on the coupons that sound good to be true.

Source: Christie Dedman Birmingham Bargain Mom, Birmingham News

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