Monday, February 6, 2012

Techno Wizzard

Are you looking for an innovative creativity? Why look for hassle and time consuming process. Pexagon Technology offers this chance! Grab it now because this is a rare opportunity.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free Onion Rings

Burger King is giving away "Onion Rings" started yesterday and today is the last day. You will get your Onion Rings for free after purchases! It's a cheap and convenient way to have while watching Super Bowl!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shopping with Family

It is beyond compare to have your family shop with you but it depends on what you are  shopping for. This week, I laid out and sorted out the coupons that I will need for grocery shopping. So I decided to go to the store right after getting off from work. But my husband and son decided to go shopping because he wants to see what's the sale for this week. I thought  this is FUN! When we got there he picked up some things that was mark on sale but I don't have the coupon to match it. But he refused to return it back because he thought that was a good buy. I adamantly insisted to go back home to get the coupon book to even save more. But he expostulated that it's just a waste of time and that he'll give me the amount to top on it. I said "arrrrgh...."
On the other hand Kyle was all over the place collecting coupons. He enjoyed it especially when the machine releases the coupon and he tried to mend my aggravations... However our trip was successful well partially successful because we ended up paying $29 which I aimed for $20 or less. We only saved a total of $46 of groceries. But to my husband it was a pretty good deal I think he enjoys shopping with coupons with me of course. We ended up getting several free stuff : free eggs, 2L Dr. Pepper, whole 12 pk of Diet Dr. Pepper, and more. I heart Publix.