Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Buys!

Shop more pay less! There's no other way to satisfy my frugality other than to spend my money wise. Tonight I went to Publix to utilize my coupons before it will expire tomorrow. Why throw away coupons if you will ended up saving money unless you don't need it. 
I bought groceries tonight worth of  $70 dollars and I ended up paying it for $28 dollars not bad. My total saving is over $40. So proud of myself!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nuts for Scouting!

Yes! Here we are again - Nuts for Scouting! This year's fundraiser has just kick in! Today is the  first day of selling. First stop was at work and it was a success most of my fellow teachers had ordered nuts for Kyle. Kyle we'll be doing his share of selling when he gets off from school. Last year Kyle was the #1 nut seller (:) so proud of him. He still have his ribbon attached to his uniform up to now.
On Monday night was their first pack meeting and they were so excited about the kick in for "Scouting for Nuts". The cub master was so excited and asked anybody who won last year's scouting for nuts.  He announced; "Who won last year? So Kyle raised his hand. The cub master asked him; "So Kyle what did you get?"  Kyle stood up and said; "Nothing but ribbon (showing his ribbon). They all busted laughing but Kyle was so serious. I hope we can top it this year so that he can get the prize! Please help Kyle to be the top Nut seller again!