Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Publix Haul 3/25/2014

Today is the last day of this deal B2G1 FREE Coca Cola Products ..,

Bought 6 (12 pack cans) $5.49 each pack

Used (2) $2/2 manufacturer coupons 
          (2) $2/2 Publix Green flyer

Bought 5 bags of Mahatma rice $1.29 each

Used (5) .50/1 manufacturer coupons

Filler items 1 Twix and 1 Extra gum

Used Winn Dixie coupon (1) $5/$30 purchases 
Total paid $10.33 tax included 

CVS Deals 3/24/14

Bought the special for All detergent B1G2 free for $7.99.

Basic paper towel for .79 for free (if you use your CVS card)

Used $4 Extra buck 
         $ $2/2 manufacturer coupon

Saved 93%

Paid $2.09

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Winn Dixie Deals 'Til 3/25/14

Love to shop and paid nothing!
Don't forget to bring your Winn Dixie reward with you...

Bought 5 Suave Men Body Wash
            5 Axe shampoo 
            6 Suave Prpfessional Shampoo
            4 Suave Kids Shampoo
             1 Milky Way (filler)
Winn Dixie gave $20/20 products ($5/5 products Mix and Match deals) bought 

Coupons used
             1 $5/$30
              5  $2.50 (Axe) Redplum 3/23
              5  .75 (Suave Men Bw) Redplum (3/23
              6  $1.50 (Suave Professional)
              4  $1.00 ( Suave kids shampoo)

Total savings $85.75
Paid $0.00
Made money $1.03

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winn Dixie Buys March 20, 2014

Second load from Winn Dixie today!
Bought (5) Suave body wash 
             (5) Suave lotion 
             (3) Suave  kids shampoo
              (7) Suave professional Keratin 
Above are the Mix and Match deals this week and buy 5 get $5 back of these products. Please check your Winn Dixie ads for this week.

Used manufacturer coupons all from Redplum and some from coupons.com
For the deals and Winn Dixie $5/$30

Savings $94 and only paid $21.00 tax included

Winn Dixie deals March 19-March 25, 2014

Went shopping yesterday and I got all of these for $0.00 and made money for 32 cents at Winn Dixie.

Bought 5 of each (Suave products lotion, shampoo, conditioner). But you can get body wash too or mix and match. Check the Winn Dixie weekly ads for this week 

Buy 5, save $5.00 automatic if you use your Winn Dixie reward card

Used coupons from redplum 
          (10) $1.00
          (2) .50/2
 Winn Dixie coupons (1) $5/$30

All in one transaction!

Milk and cereal boxes are included..

Total... $0.00 money maker .32 cents

Saturday, July 14, 2012

School Supplies

(Kyle grabbed some of the school supplies that he needed.)

Wow we just didn't realized that the summer is almost over and going to school will soon kicks in! Have you grab your school list already? I already have and in fact, we started buying supplies. Last year,  I waited 'til the last minute of shopping, hoping to find good buys, but I ended up spending more time of looking for it because most of it are gone. I went to 4 different stores to get the exact supplies that are listed. I could have purchase the already packed from the school but it would eradicate the fun of shopping with your kid. So this year, I decided to go ahead of time to get some of it. But Kyle expostulated with me about the school list because he wants to get what he wanted.  It is such a dilemma to go shopping with your child? 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How much we have?

When you go abroad you will amazed how much your dollar worth?
Buying a grocery for $20 dollars that can feed 10+ people is amazing! Seeing cheap gas prices everywhere makes you want to move and don't worry about buying high rocketing gas prices over here! Buying a case of soda  for $4 makes you want to buy the whole village. Watching them appreciate what they had, makes you realized how blessed we are over here! What got me when I saw the unfinished elementary school with just  posts stood still with roofs over it,  old looking desks where  the students sat,  a chalkboard and still no wall around it with a 90 degree temperature. Makes you appreciate your air conditioned over here. I salute the students and the dedicated teachers who are willing to fulfill their duty of educating them.
Makes you wonder how can we make a difference to the lives of these children?