Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How much we have?

When you go abroad you will amazed how much your dollar worth?
Buying a grocery for $20 dollars that can feed 10+ people is amazing! Seeing cheap gas prices everywhere makes you want to move and don't worry about buying high rocketing gas prices over here! Buying a case of soda  for $4 makes you want to buy the whole village. Watching them appreciate what they had, makes you realized how blessed we are over here! What got me when I saw the unfinished elementary school with just  posts stood still with roofs over it,  old looking desks where  the students sat,  a chalkboard and still no wall around it with a 90 degree temperature. Makes you appreciate your air conditioned over here. I salute the students and the dedicated teachers who are willing to fulfill their duty of educating them.
Makes you wonder how can we make a difference to the lives of these children?