Saturday, May 9, 2009

Slim Down

Are you tired of dieting? Well I am but I never really had a serious diet not at all. I had tried Slim Fast before because the advertisement was so enticing but unfortunately it didn't work out because it makes me starve more. It can't sustain for a thorough physical activities it makes me weak and my energy level went down and the result I replenished those energy with foods especially sweet treats. I personally is an avid fan of sweets and carbs. I can gobble a king size of candy in an instant on the way back home from work. The only thing I admire to myself is I don't like soda but I love water, water and water. So I decided to stop from drinking Slim Fast.So I switched by just eating salad twice a day with a spoonful of salad dressing or sometimes none because I don't like dressing at all. But guess what? It's becoming so plain and boring. So I went back to my normal routine which is eating regular meals. But biggest problem is I will have a bad addiction of sweets especially when I'm at work. I can consumed a bag of Hershey Kisses alone in a short period of time but when I am at home I am fine. Glenn my husband always wondering why I complain too much about myself? Because according to him I am just RIGHT! I told him that he is such I liar but SUPER nice husband. Anyway it's just a girl thing to be a diet freak.All of the above approach didn't work on me right so I decided to better stick in monitoring portion size and I jot down all the food that I ate including the calories in order for me to track down the my daily targeted calories and so far it works in one week but later on I quit writing -my laziness just click oh well, why is that, that sustainability only lasted a week? I think it's only self-determination and I don't have it but despite of it I manage to exercise and watch I ate. If I have sweet clash I make sure I burn calories through exercising. It's a tiring routine but it makes me feel better if I do exercise and knowing I burn some calories. I added fruits and leafy vegetables on my meals to give me some fiber and above all I watch my portion size.It feels good not to over eat and you do exercise it relaxes you. What about you have you taking steps to slim down? If so please share it too. That's about it!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enrollment for K

This is my most awaited moment to get ready to send Kyle to BIG school. It has been a talk for while for Kyle's biggest transition -to be in another school. He's been in pre-school since he was a toddler and previliged enough to have some great friends at this school but when we started talking about him going to big school he didn't like it at all. He just wanted to stayat Brookwood (present school). Brookwood offered Kindergarten but I opted to send him to a public school.
So one day we drove by to his school to be just to get a feel of it, when he saw it he became excited. He instantly claim it as his BIG school. Playground was fascinated him the most. We didn't have time to take a peek of what's inside since it was no school day when we came by. This school was actually recently built and it has pretty facade too. So today is the first day of enrollment for Kindergarten class. So I decided to came by to school today about 7:40 am hoping to pick up the enrollment packet although they provided online access for registration forms that you can just fill it out but unfortunately my printer is out of ink. But unfortunately they told me to come back at 12 which the enrollment schedule begins. So I went and took Kyle with me and I have to fill out 18 pages of paper pertaining to Kyle's enrollment it was a lot!. While doing so one of the Kindergarten teachers asked me if she can borrow Kyle for a minute for some talk. It's probably about 10 steps away from me I can hear Kyle answering her teacher. Then I've found out that they are having interview for the coming Kindergartners-COOL! Few minutes later Kyle was brought back by the teacher and she told me that Kyle did great!!! Kyle told me that he did a lot of answering in fact the teacher asked him to count and so he did but asked to stop because he's fixing to count up to a hundred hehehe. I am so proud of Kyle!!! Their open house will be on August and we can't wait to find out his new BIG school adventure...