Saturday, July 14, 2012

School Supplies

(Kyle grabbed some of the school supplies that he needed.)

Wow we just didn't realized that the summer is almost over and going to school will soon kicks in! Have you grab your school list already? I already have and in fact, we started buying supplies. Last year,  I waited 'til the last minute of shopping, hoping to find good buys, but I ended up spending more time of looking for it because most of it are gone. I went to 4 different stores to get the exact supplies that are listed. I could have purchase the already packed from the school but it would eradicate the fun of shopping with your kid. So this year, I decided to go ahead of time to get some of it. But Kyle expostulated with me about the school list because he wants to get what he wanted.  It is such a dilemma to go shopping with your child? 

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